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Vodaphone is Sony's European Vita 3G partner

Free WipEout 2048 download if you go with platform holder's "preferred provider"

Sony has named Vodafone as its "preferred provider" of 3G connectivity for PlayStation Vita in Europe.


The 3G enabled PS Vita model will come with a Vodafone SIM card when it launches on February 22, 2012, allowing users to jump straight into online gaming sessions.

Customers who connect with Vodafone will receive a free PSN voucher to download WipEout 2048 from the PS Store (subject to local conditions).

The 3G Vita model will be available for £279/€299. Additional details about Vodafone data plans and pricing will be announced by the provider at a later date.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan said: "With social gaming and connectivity at the heart of PlayStation Vita it is important that we partner with a market leading network provider, to ensure users have a high quality 3G experience.

"Partnering with Vodafone will enable PS Vita users in the selected countries to always be connected with their PlayStation life, friends and games, wherever they are."

Last week, Sony detailed European Vita pre-order bonuses.

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