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Call of Duty Elite: What it offers and why it will make you a better player

How financial modelling, heat maps and fantasy football shaped CoD's future...

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"Our team is focused on continuing to innovate around the core social, statistical, and competitive features." And the community? "The community is passionate, and they'll help us define the future of Elite, based on what they tell us they want and need." So it's back to that first question: what does Elite add, and is it worth paying for? £35 for a year's worth of DLC and daily content, quite apart from the deluxe versions of Elite's other features, seems like a great deal for those who'll actually use it.

It's like a gym that charges hundreds a year - if you rarely use it you'll feel ripped off, but it's not the club's fault. It's open every night. So, if Call of Duty is just another game for you, then Elite can add value without costing a thing. But if you're serious about killing, and about CoD multiplayer, then Elite isn't extravagance, and it's certainly not a rip-off - it's absolutely essential.


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