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Skyrim: How to get married, buy a house and make a fortune

Guide: It's not all about adventuring...

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How to buy a house

Chances are you don't own your own house in Skyrim yet. They're pretty expensive, and cost even more to fully upgrade. To be able to buy a house, you'll need to curry the favour of the local Jarl. This can be done by completing any quests they offer you, and often by becoming their Thane.

When you've become friendly with them, talk to their steward and he'll sell you a home. Talk to him again to order upgrades. Houses you buy are empty to begin with, but upgrading them fills them with furniture, decorations etc.

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Below is a list of all the properties you can buy...
  • Breezehome

    • Location: Whiterun
    • Base price: 5,000
    • Upgraded price: 6,800

    A small two-story house near the city gates. Either help Jarl Balgruuf until he says you can buy property, or buy it from Brill if you've completed The Battle For Whiterun.
  • Vlindrel Hall

    • Location: Markarth
    • Base price: 8,000
    • Upgraded price: 12,200

    Help out Jarl Igmund and you'll be able to buy this old Dwemer house from Raerek. Upgrade it and you'll get an armour display mannequin and alchemy and enchantment tables.
  • Honeyside

    • Location: Riften
    • Base price: 8,000
    • Upgraded price: 12,300

    To be able to buy this home you'll have to complete a certain amount of quests in Riften and become Thane. You get a basement, garden and large kitchen when you upgrade
  • Hjerim

    • Location: Windhelm
    • Base price: 12,000
    • Upgraded price: 21,000

    You may remember this house from the Blood on the Ice quest. You can buy it when you become Thane of Eastmarch. It has an armory with display cases for your weapons and armour.
  • Proudspire Manor

    • Location: Solitude
    • Base price: 25,000
    • Upgraded price: 36,000

    The most expensive house in all of Skyrim. Complete The Man Who Cried Wolf and one other task for the Jarl to be able to buy it. It has three floors and six palatial rooms.

Notes about houses

  • If your spouse is in another house and you want them to move to your new one, just talk to them and ask them to move.
  • Becoming Thane grants you a Housecarl. One of the first you'll get is Lydia after defeating the dragon in an early part of the main quest. If you have a Housecarl, a guest bedroom will appear in your house for them to live in. If they're following you and you ditch them, they'll be found here.

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