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I Am Alive 'started again from scratch' as 'more extreme' title

Original vision "wasn't as exciting as first thought," admits creative director

Ubisoft rolled into town this week with a gameplay demonstration of disaster survival game I Am Alive - a title first announced back in 2008 (and now headed to XBLA and PSN


"What happened behind the scenes?" responds Ubisoft Shanghai's Stan Mettra when quizzed on the game's stalled development. "When you hear of games that disappear like that - especially new IP and new creations, then you know that means (probably) the game is going through several development cycles.

"It means we make the first build, 1-3 levels or a whole game sometimes, but it's still not there. We have a cool idea at the beginning, so everybody's getting excited, but then you look at the game and it's just not getting there."

This is why, Mettra explains, the game was not only transferred from original studio Darkworks - but also had a rethink that covered a new engine, city and development team.

"We basically started from scratch: with a new concept and a changed setting." He adds that the game's new position as a hardcore downloadable title means: "We can go a bit more extreme, and make more radical choices."

CVG's first impressions of Ubisoft's intriguing survive-em-up will go live later this morning.

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