Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Rising 'moving forward, different from MG'

Series creator hasn't given up "complete control" of the game, but has set boundaries

Despite many, many months of radio silence - and plenty of rumours - Metal Gear Solid: Rising is "moving forward", according to Hideo Kojima.


The Metal Gear creator told our friends at Official PlayStation Magazine UK that the action-focused, Raiden-starring project remains significantly different to existing Metal Gear games, although he has retained an element of control over it and won't let it stray too far from the series' roots.

"It's moving forward, but it's different from Metal Gear up to this point, he said.

"This time I've been really hands-off, letting it go on its own with the new team. It's not like I'm giving up complete control. It's that point in the beginning - the core concept, finding that seed. So the concept came from the staff - they got the idea to use Raiden as the main character and to make it into an action game.

"Even the story: I try not to read it, because if I do then I'll want to say something and get sucked back in again!"

Kojima added: "Very early on I set boundaries and I gave some feedback. If there's something I feel crosses a line and goes against everything Metal Gear is, then I'll say something. But as much as possible I try to preserve the boundary."

It was confirmed last week that Metal Gear Solid: Rising producer Shigenobu Matsuyama has been replaced, while rumours earlier this year suggested Platinum Games had been brought on board to aid or lead development.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is set to reappear at the Spike VGAs next month after a long period of silence about the game, during which rumours have circulated that

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Kojima also told the latest issue of OPM that his studio will "probably have to make" Metal Gear Solid 5 "at some point".