Netflix 'Just for Kids' hits Wii

Fanmily-friendly version of streaming service debuts on Nintendo console

Netflix has launched a 'Just for Kids' section for the video streaming app on Wii.


The 'Just for Kids' section makes it safe for young ones to browse the list of shows on offer on the currently US-only service without stumbling across The Exorcist or Nightmare on Elm Street and traumatising themselves into their teen years.

The family-friendly offerings are broken down in sub-genres such as Superheroes, Princesses, Dinosaurs and the like.

Wii is the first games machine to get the 'Just for Kids' offering, and although Netflix doesn't specifically mention its release on any specific other console, it says it will be adding to feature to other devices "over the next year".

Netflix has confirmed that it is to launch its popular media streaming service in the UK and Ireland in "early 2012".

[ SOURCE: Via ShackNews ]