Vita: Three free augmented reality games, one sweet trailer

Sony details its augmented reality offerings for Vita

Sony has confirmed that PlayStation Vita owners will be able to download three free augmented reality games from the PlayStation Store.


And by the looks of the trailer below, they look pretty cool. It shows table-top football, some laser puzzle game, a track and field-style sports mini game, fireworks, and a garden simulator.

Augmented reality is, for those unfamiliar, when a real-life setting is populated on-screen with virtual objects - usually via the use of a camera and some form of marker that the software can recognise.

Similarly to the 3DS, the Vita will come with six 'marker cards' which the machine will recognise for placing augmented reality objects into real-life surfaces.

This trailer shows you what it's all about and gives you a look at the games on offer:

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Sony also today revealed its first-party EU launch line-up for the Vita, including some big-name titles.