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Is BioWare's new game Mercs Inc?

Or Command & Conquer? Internet detective work begins...

Since the release of a short teaser yesterday speculation on what BioWare's new project could be has run wild.


The latest, and most convincing speculation, attaches the mysterious project to EA's recently revived Command & Conquer project, as well as the long forgotten Mercs Inc.

The Command & Conquer link was made by well-known internet sleuth Superannuation, who pointed out a LinkedIn profile of a developer at "Victory Games - BioWare".

The existence of Victory Games was revealed in February along with confirmation of a new Command & Conquer title in development at the studio.

Although the studio's boss, Jon Van Caneghem, mentioned contributing studios in Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; and Shanghai, he didn't attach it to BioWare in any way.

The LinkedIn profile could be an indication BioWare has since been signed up to work on the project. Or Victory Games could've just been lobbed in to the BioWare label. Whatever.

The second possibility comes from a NeoGAF formite, who points out that Visceral Los Angeles, made up of former Pandemic staffers, was last reportedly working on Mercs Inc and is no longer part of the core body of Visceral.

Mercs Inc. is believed to have been moved to DICE's Battlefield 3 engine Frostbite 2. It could be that the remnants of the studio were absorbed by BioWare to work on Mercs Inc. Leaked footage of the game certainly bares resemblance to the teaser release yesterday.