Kojima: Rising players must put love of Snake, stealth to one side

Otherwise "it may be hard to get into Rising"

If you haven't been following Metal Gear Solid Rising since its announcement at E3 2009, you might be unaware that it won't provide your typical MGS experience.


While the game's been shrouded in secrecy for most of the past two years, we do know it'll swap sneaking Snake for a blade-wielding cyborg Raiden, in what promises to be the most action-packed take on the series yet.

Speaking to our pals over at Official PlayStation Magazine UK, series creator Hideo kojima said he's unsure how some fans will react to the change of direction.

"If somebody thinks 'I love Snake' and just really wants traditional stealth gameplay and that experience, then it may be hard to get into Rising, but for people who are more open and willing to try new things, it shouldn't be a problem," he said.

"Raiden in MGS 4 was received very well, and I wanted to keep going with that direction in Rising. The people who liked him in 4 will like him in this, but it's a personal preference."

Kojima went on to defend Raiden's series debut as the protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

"The character in the game is supposed to equal the player, so if you want to introduce things to a new recruit, you have to learn how to interact with that world along with the character.

"If we had Snake [in MGS 2] he was this old, experienced veteran and there would've been a disconnect with the [new] players. So that's why we brought in Raiden."

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Kojima also told the latest issue of OPM that his studio will "probably have to make" Metal Gear Solid 5 "at some point".