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Apple shuts down subscription games service

Just one day after it was launched

Yesterday Apple announced, and launched, a service allowing subscribers to consume as much gaming content from a publisher as desired for a monthly fee. Today it has cancelled the service and removed the first app to use it.


Big Fish games offered iOS gamers the option to pay $4.99 and stream "dozens of games" from a signle app. However, Apple has since removed the application without explanation, leaving Big Fish in the dark.

"We were notified that the app was removed. We're trying to follow up with Apple to try to figure out what happened," said Big Fish founder, Paul Thelen.

According to Thelen Big Fish worked with Apple to ensure the app met the requirements for recurring monthly charges.

"It was officially approved," added Thelen.

Apple hasn't comment on the turn of events.

According to a market research report Apple is now the UK's 2nd biggest online retailer.

[ SOURCE: Bloomberg ]