Now The Sun claims 'Xbox fraud cover up'... But it's still old news

FIFA 12 players having accounts hijacked, reveals paper 'exclusive'

The Sun newspaper's accused Microsoft of a "cover up" after it dismissed its front page "exclusive" claiming Xbox Live had been hacked.


[UPDATE: Microsoft has responded to The Sun's latest report.]

Earlier this week, The Sun's front page boldly shouted of "Xbox cyber fraud" in a "crime exclusive", but ultimately pointed to phishing scams, which have been around for at least four years in the world of Xbox.

Microsoft responded with a statement simply stating "Xbox Live has not been hacked. Microsoft can confirm that there has been no breach to the security of our Xbox LIVE service." A firm stand from the platform holder then, but not concrete enough for some...

In today's "exclusive" retort, The Sun claims "dozens of angry readers contacted [us] to tell how crooks bought Microsoft Points on their accounts to trade on to users in countries like China, Nigeria and Russia - even though they didn't pass on any personal details or visit phishing websites."

The report adds that "many attacks are linked to popular FIFA 2012 from EA Games." Hold on, we've heard something about this before...

CVG reported back in October that some users were reporting mysterious transactions through EA's footy sim, with no explanation of how hijackers would've obtained their account details.

Multiple reports back then pointed not to an Xbox Live hack as the source of the hijackings, but to EA's own "account recovery" procedures, with 'hackers' supposedly contacting EA support and allegedly having them send over the victim's Xbox and EA account information.

It's likely, the reports pointed out, that many EA account holders share the same e-mail and password combo as their Xbox Live Gamertag.

Still no evidence of hacking then, though again, you should probably all be mindful of your passwords and personal data - not just on Xbox Live, but on all online platforms.