Vita's launch games: The good, bad and quite interesting

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Games that need to impress

Unit 13


Perhaps the most generic-looking action game on Vita, Unit 13's looks don't show off the hand-held's vast capabilities - while the run/gun/cover mechanics simply feel a little stale.

Zipper, the developer who also brought us MAG and the SOCOM games, might argue that it's the point-scoring, timed combos and roleplay-lite levelling that bring Unit 13 up to steam - but when hightailing through the game's corridors and warehouses, pinging off the occasional headshot it just feels familiar, safe and rather dull.



Let's get one thing straight - FIFA is FIFA, and FIFA is brilliant. What we're not convinced by, however, are the new touchscreen controls on Vita. Okay, perhaps we're being dinosaurs, but the ability to knock the ball into space by tapping the on-screen pitch seems a redundant one - and also a result of a demand from an unseen deity rather than from the player you're in direct control of through the usual button-tap system.

Yes, it's clever to have passes co-ordinated through screen-taps - and we won't deny that shooting via the rear touchscreen is rather pleasant - but when trying to use both control schemes the game feels a strange amalgam of gameplay concepts. You can't help but feel that the touch-screen controls belong in a different game, or game mode, altogether.

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