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Vita's launch games: The good, bad and quite interesting

Hands-on: Highlights, lowlights and intriguing experiments...

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Intriguing Experiments

Reality Fighters


Okay, so it's not going to charm the hardcore fighting game contingent - but the clever tech-trickery going into Reality Fighters is impressive. The game maps your face (and is clever enough to recognise facial features too, so genitalia as a fizzog is out of the question) and pasted upon a fighter - who can then be dressed up in innumerable different ways, and then presented with the fighting styles of everything from a Boxer to a Ballerina.

The fighting arena, meanwhile, can either be that of your own living room (or wherever you place an AR card) or the compiled photos of a location you've visited - perhaps the beach from a recent holiday, perhaps a men only sauna. Once the battle against a friend dressed as Elvis is complete, you can the upload a picture of you squatting on him to Facebook. We truly are living in the future, aren't we?

Sound Shapes


Sound Shapes is an utter hypnotic delight. A platformer in which you control a rolling blob, which can either pull in its hairy bits and roll around or glue itself to traversable objects in its immediate vicinity, the aim is to gradually reintroduce the game's soundtrack.

Every extra block you collect restores beats and instruments to the beautiful ditty being played in the background, resulting in unparalleled levels of karma being deposited on the gamer. The game also comes with a superb music/level designer that makes use of the Vita's rear and front touch-screens better than the majority of the console's 'major' releases. Undeniably a game to watch (and listen) out for.

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