Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Jedi Consular' video

See the character progression for the Jedi Consular

BioWare has released another one of its tantilising character progression videos, this time featuring the Jedi Consular.


As usual the video starts off modest, blocking a few lasers with a Lightsaber and Force-pushing a few rocks around, before the Jedi gets so powerful they only have to think 'I want cupcakes' for the Queen and her army to rush over the hills serving Red Velvet on solid gold platters.

BioWare says of the class: "Channeling the power of the Force to give them strength in combat and clarity in diplomacy, Jedi Consulars are respected for their leadership on the battlefield as well as their evenhanded demeanor at the negotiating table.

"While many devote themselves to uncovering the ancient secrets of the Jedi and use their command of the Force to defend and protect their allies, others use the Force as a means of slipping into the shadows and becoming powerful servants for the Republic."

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The Star Wars: The Old Republic weekend beta test, for which we gave away keys, is underway this weekend and will close on Monday November 28.