Vita memory cards US pricing revealed

From $29.99 for 4GB to $119.99 for 32GB

GameStop has priced a number of PS Vita peripherals ahead of the handheld's Western launch early next year.


These include external memory cards, which will be required for a number of games as not all titles can store saves internally.

A 4GB Vita memory card will cost $29.99 (£19), an 8GB one $44.99 (£29), a 16GB one $69.99 (£45) and a 32GB one $119.99 (£77).

The prices are roughly in line with those previously announced for Japan, when Sony detailed 16 PS Vita peripherals.

Vita will launch in the UK with at least 12 first-party games at a cost of £229 (£279 for the 3G model).

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[ SOURCE: GameStop ]