109 Modern Warfare guns: Can you name them all?

Arty poster free with Games Master Presents special

Fancy yourself a bit of a Call of Duty nut? Think you can identify every single weapon in the game by simply looking at its silhouette? Well, time to put your money where your mouth is...

The latest issue of Games Master Presents features a poster collecting 109 of Call of Duty's deadliest weapons and cramming them one bit of paper.

We've stuck a scaled down version of the poster for you to have a peek at right here, but for the full poster in all its glory track down the latest issue of Games Master Presents, which features "the story of the series that has gone from a plucky World War 2 first-person shooter to a globe-conquering entertainment super power in just eight years."


As well as the poster, GM Presents Call of Duty comes with a free sticker sheet and CoD Elite cloth badge. Inside the 132 page mag are retrospectives of every CoD, the most shocking moments in the entire series, a special multiplayer section, the greatest gadgets and lots of zombies. It's the ultimate Call of Duty collector's pack.

Games Master Presents Call of Duty is on sale now, you can also pick it up online and have it delivered to your door.