10 reasons why Max Payne 3 will be worth the wait

Max still has the moves...

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How violent, you ask? Super violent. In Bullet Time it's possible to see every bullet slam home and punch a hole in your foes. What's more, when the final enemy in any given location is killed, you'll be rewarded with a bullet-tracking Kill Cam to show you the fatal blow and its grisly after-effects.



To go along with Max's 'ard man look (for the record, he doesn't shave his head until after the game's halfway point), Mr Payne has been down to the boxing gym. If a bad guy gets close, Max can throw a few elbows and feet around to disarm and kill in one crunching, fluid move.



In his time on the shelf, Max has learned a couple of new tricks to help fight back against his hunters. The ability to lock to cover is the major one, although purists needn't worry, as the game can also be played as a straight run-and-gun if you'd rather experience it just like the classics. After the shootdodge dives, Max can now also lay on the floor and swivel his body for full 360 degree blasting, letting him gun down everybody in sight without moving.



Performance capture is becoming more and more popular in gaming, but Rockstar have taken the art to the next level by actually building to-scale versions of some of the levels and getting the talent to act out their scenes within these sets.



Forget regenerating health nonsense: when Max is hurt he'll need to down some painkillers to dull the throbbing of his wounds. Don't even think about any auto-aiming rubbish either: it'll be an option for newcomers, but for proper Payne action you can play with a full Free Aim option switched on. Max Payne 3's a true follow-on from the old titles in every way possible, meaning that this is a mechanical throwback to the glorious days of Remedy's titles that happens to feature some modern refinements (highly destructible environments, for example) to ensure the game can still compete with today's top action titles. It's the very best of both worlds.

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