Mario, Zelda, Wii and 3DS sales explode on Black Friday

New Mario and Zelda titles break franchise records

The Wii and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, as well as Super Mario 3D Land, each sold over 500 thousand units in US on Black Friday.


Skyward Sword has sold 535,000 units since November 20, which makes it the fastest-selling Zelda title ever.

And Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed to USA Today (thanks Industry Gamers) that Super Mario 3D Land has become the fastest-selling portable Mario game in Nintendo history with over 500k sales since its November 11 launch.

3DS sales were also triple that of the week November 6 - prior to Mario 3D Land's launch.

"What this has been able to do is drive our Nintendo 3DS business in only eight months to surpass the full first year volume of the original DS and we still have the bulk of the holiday to go," said Fils-Aime, confirming Nintendo's recent forecasts for first-year 3DS sales to surpass its predecessor's.

"And we still have the launch of Mario Kart 7 (out Dec 4) to continue driving our full-year sales on Nintendo 3DS," he added.

"We know that Black Friday and that entire week is a key selling week, and it is important for products like ours to have a jump in momentum, and we were fortunate to see that," continued Fils-Aime.

"For us, it really was driven by unique and powerful software and what gives us confidence is that we still have more software to launch in the balance of this holiday period."

[ SOURCE: USA Today ]