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Now that Call of Duty Elite works, here's a trailer

Activision reminds you why its subscription service is cool

You may have been excited about Call of Duty Elite before the service decided to go AWOL at launch. Given its month-long issues you may not be excited anymore. Activision hopes this new trailer will help.


Activision previously said it aims to have the troubled service fully operational by December 1, and that's just a few days away folks. But it was mostly up and running already by the end of last week.

"Overall functionality for the average user is probably at 95 percent," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision, last week.

"There are a few issues with clan invites, but we already have fixes in the works" added Suarez, pointing out that there are already 100,000 clans signed up.

Here's the trailer:

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[ SOURCE: Via Kotaku ]