Mario Kart 7 review - 93% in ONM

"The best Mario Kart game yet"

In our Mario Kart 7 review we said Nintendo's seventh entry in the franchise is "as complete a racing game as you could hope to play. All that's good about the previous Karts, distilled and mixed with a trillion ideas of its own. Excellent."


We awarded the game with a 9.4 score, and we're not the only ones that think it's brilliant. Official Nintendo Magazine has tagged MK7 with a score of 93% and called it "The best Mario Kart game yet with an online platform that'll keep you racing for years."

Each race is described as a "five-minute seesaw of disappointment, elation, victory or defeat" that offers "even those with an intimate knowledge of the series... something new to love."

Although "the visuals and controls might look and feel near-identical to Mario Kart Wii", Mario Kart 7 features "16 new tracks, new customisation and online options". Plenty to put a smile on a Mario Kart faithful's face.

According to ONM's review the game's new course features, which "revolve around the new air and sea sections", are included "in such a coherent way that they never feel tacked-on or superfluous".

Online Karters will be happy to hear that the decision to drop four karts has paid off; "Lopping off four karts not only keeps online races rock solid and completely lag-free (if you're on a decent connection, of course), but it also reflects Mario Kart 7's renewed focus on racing rather than total on-track chaos."

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is "A best-ever entry to the series and the third must-own title to be released in as many weeks."

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