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Your Skyrim stories: mapped and celebrated

OXM annotates the Elder Scrolls map with reader tales of the absurd

Sometimes things happen in Skyrim that you desperately need to share (like the ones in our Skyrim guide), but the world at large won't necessarily understand.


The chaps at OXM recognise this, and have finally given you - and their own roster of Tamriel explorers - a platform to express yourself from.

It's a Players Map of Skyrim that compiles the mag's own adventures alongside those of Bethesdan punters everywhere - whether left on the OXM boards, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

It's updated daily, so be sure to compare and contrast your own dragon-biffing conquests and humourous basket-on-head interludes at least every 24 hours.

If you're looking for something iOS flavoured, you'd do well to keep an eye on 'Dragon Shout', an interactive Skyrim map that lets players leave their own tags on its fantastical ordnance survey.