Xbox Live Marketplace update

Voltron, NBA 2K12 DLC, more sales

Good ol' Major Nelson's put out the latest list of upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace content, although it's a quiet one this week.


The new games list comprises of just three; Voltron and Scene it? Movie Night on November 30, and Apples to Apples on December 7.

Based on the cult Japanese super robot cartoon from the 1980s, Voltron is a 3D mech combat game featuring two player offline co-op and five player online co-op, and from the trailer it looks like there's a top-down shooting section where you all play as robotic lions. Sounds like a good time to us.

The NBA 2K12 'Legends Showcase' DLC pack is also out, and there are sales for fans of Ubisoft titles or Capcom's fighting games.

Check out the Major Nelson blog for the full list with dates.

[ SOURCE: Major Nelson ]