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VGAs to premiere 'a PS3 exclusive you won't believe'

God of War 4? Title Fight?

A really blurry picture of a billboard in Times Square has been posted by Spike TV's 'Mr. World Exclusive', Geoff Keighley.


We don't usually report on blurry pictures of billboards, but this one is different. This one is a VGA billboard, and apparently if you squint really hard... it's still bloody blurry.

Fortunately, someone who's better at squinting than us could read it and claims that it says "A PS3 exclusive you won't believe."

Ah, this is more interesting now. So what could it be? Speculation points towards either God of War 4 or Sony's Smash Bros. type game, rumoured to be called Title Fight.

New Zealand-based online retailer, Mighty Ape, had a listing for God of War 4 earlier this month, with the release date down for next year, and plenty of other rumours suggested a 2012 release for the sequel.

And of course we've also heard a lot about Title Fight recently too. Details and an image of Twisted Metal character Sweet Tooth hit the internet, and Chris Molina, a level designer at SuperBot Entertainment, the supposed developer of the title, said that Sony's recent "Michael" trailer, which showed a variety of Sony characters together, was claimed as "vaguely foreshadowing our soon to be announced title."

Of course, it could neither, and end up being something rubbish like Kung Fu Rider 2. We certainly wouldn't believe that.

The VGAs will take place on December 10 with Metal Gear Solid: Rising, BioShock Infinite, Alan Wake: Night Springs and BioWare's mystery game set to be shown off.