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Warm-up lap: Mario Kart's inspirations and development secrets...

The story of the most popular console racing series ever

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The men, and woman, who made Mario Kart great

Hideki Konno


The godfather of Mario Kart, Hideki Konno directed the original game and sequel Mario Kart 64, and has produced every other game in the series since (except Super Circuit). He is responsible for many of the series' new additions, including online play in Mario Kart DS, and having pitched the idea many times previously finally got his wish for bikes to be included in MK Wii.

Kenta Nagata and Shinobu Tanaka
Almost every gamer has, at one time or another, had a Mario Kart theme buzzing around their brain, and chances are that one of this pair are responsible for that. Nagata created the music for MK 64, his first major game composition including that memorable Rainbow Road theme, while the pair contributed a fistful of great tunes for the GameCube's Double Dash!!

Shigeru Miyamoto


Like Konno-san, Mario's maker has had a hand in every major Mario Kart release bar one, this time vacating his regular producer's seat for Mario Kart DS. Recently he has been overseeing development of Mario Kart 7, with Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios heavily involved in its creation.

Kiyoshi Mizuki
The chief director of Double Dash!! was given a tough task, as he attempted to attract players who hadn't experienced a Mario Kart before by narrowing the gap between veteran Karters and newcomers. It wasn't the most successful entry in the series, but it paved the way for the more weapon-heavy approach to races.

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