Mario Kart Wii U: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Nntendo's Wii U is expected some time in 2012, and since there has traditionally been a Mario Kart for every console, we're sure the Wii U will get its very own version soon after.

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So, this set our brains to thinking. What would we like to see in a Mario Kart that could take advantage of the technological marvelry contained within Nintendo's shiny white future-box?

Aside from Mario, Toad, Lakitu and pals looking the best they've ever looked in hi-def, what more dare we hope for?

The possibilities are flapping through our minds like bats through Wario's Gold Mine. More than anything we're hoping for plenty that's innovative to keep our favourite karting franchise alive and well for yet another generation. But here, just to wet your appetites, is what we'd like to see in Mario Kart Wii U... Take note, please, Nintendo!


It's the final corner of a Wi-Fi race. You're in second, but Johnny First-Place hasn't reckoned on you having a Green Shell in your mitt. You deftly flick it towards his tailpipe, and then - SNAP! - the Wii U controller takes your unfortunate foe's mugshot at the moment of impact. Oooh, doesn't he look cross? The snap is uploaded to your 'Hall of Pain'. For every 100 entries in your grimace-gallery, Nintendo gives you a new prize.



As the gaming community boards up their garages in anticipation of a TENTH Need For Speed game this generation, we suppose we should be thankful that Nintendo have the restraint to stick with their one console/ one Mario Kart rule. But would downloadable track packs really be too much to ask for? We still love Mario Kart Wii, but if we have to drive around Moo Moo Meadows one more time, then we're done braking for cows. This idea would be an absolute money factory for Nintendo. Demand would be HUGE. Even if there was a constant influx of user-generated content, no one knows how to place a Monty Mole quite as maliciously as The Big N.



How good would it be if Nintendo let us create our own circuits from scratch by drawing them directly onto the tablet screen? Call-Your-Mum-Good, that's how good. It might sound fanciful but the PlayStation 3's ModNation Racers was built entirely around this concept and there's no reason why Nintendo can't go one better by adding a little of their magic (eg: Lakitu filling in the Donut Plains countryside with a cloud-mounted cement mixer as he trails your stylus strokes).

Then you could upload your creations onto the Mario Kart servers for the rest of the community to enjoy. We can see you starting to hyperventilate there, Nintendo, but chill. We know the prospect of a million boypart shaped courses being uploaded gives you 'the willies', but here's the genius part: you get to review them first and you then upload the best on a weekly basis!



That luxurious tablet screen opens up a new world of potential hurt for your racing rivals. Imagine deciding a Green Shell's trajectory by flicking it with your fingers, or tracing a flight path for a new boomerang weapon with the stylus. Or! Or! Or! Sending a little Bob-Omb in a tiny little kart out in front and monitoring its progress on the controller screen. When it gets sufficiently close to Diddy Kong... Boom!



Until now, Mario Kart has never given you a say in what item you get when you trundle over a question block. If like us you're tired of getting bananas in second place and useless fake question blocks when in 12th, you'll embrace our proposed new meritocratic system, where players are free to 'grab' the item they want from a spinning roulette on the tablet screen, provided they're prepared to take their eyes of the road for a split second. The roulette can be rigged to ensure back-markers still have a higher chance of nabbing the good stuff.



Mario Kart's madcap shenanigans are perfect for Wii U's 'asymmetrical gameplay'. Imagine three players battling it out for the chequered flag while a fourth, tablet-wielding contestant assumes the role of God of Jerks by flinging Bullet Bills, shells and Podoboos (you know, the flames with eyeballs) at them as per his or her will.


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