262 Vita UMD Passport games detailed

Games from major publishers like Square Enix, Konami, and Capcom not yet supported

Sony has published a list of 262 PSP games that will be downloadable on the PlayStation Vita as part of its UMD Passport program.


The scheme enables Vita owners to download copies of PSP games they already own at a discounted price.

The service is set to launch on December 6, just ahead of the Vita's December 17 release, with PSP games priced between around 500 and 1500 yen (£4-£12.20).

Siliconera reports there are 606 PSP games available on the Japanese PlayStation Store, so the list is a significant chunk of the total library. However, it seems a few major publishers aren't represented.

While Atlus, Nippon Ichi, Acquire, Tecmo Koei, SNK Playmore and Cyberfront games are available, titles from Square Enix, Namco Bandai, Konami, and Monster Hunter maker Capcom are not supported yet.

Have a look at the full list here.

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[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]