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Serious Sam 3: BFE Fork Parker trailer - Dissected

A run through of the latest trailer...

Serious Sam 3 released last week on all good digital distribution platforms, and its a riot.


To celebrate the launch, Devolver Digital has released this new trailer to promote the game. We've gone over it in detail and you can read about it below:

The trailer kicks off with a cheery blue background and framed picture of an old man, who looks like he'd rip your head off in an instant. This man is Devolver Digital's Chief Financial Officer, Fork Parker. Whether that is actually what he looks like, and why his parents named him after a piece of cutlery, we don't know. But we do know he's a pretty funny dude, follow him on Twitter if this video doesn't convince you.

The deal is Fork Parker needs lots of money to pay for a boob job for his wife, because she's got well droopy swingers. No, seriously - this is what the man claims.

To accomplish this Fork has made his own trailer to convince you to buy Serious Sam 3, the latest game from Devolver Digital and developer Croteam. As Carl Orff's 'O Fortuna' booms out, we're shown a quick credit screen, which reads as: "Directed by: Fork Parker. Edited by: Fork Parker. Produced by: Fork Parker. Music by: Mozart or whatever." Classy.


The music then cuts to a less-apocalyptic track and we're shown clips of the player blowing away spider-type monsters with a rocket launcher. Classic FPS gameplay right there. A mini-portrait of The Fork (that's what we're calling Mr. Parker from now on) pops up in the bottom left corner to list some additional informative details on the game. "You get to shoot monsters and stuff," he says. Cheers, Fork. We'd never have guessed.

A few different weapons are shown off including 'The Devastator', a grenade launcher-type weapon. The Cannon, a huge cannon much like those found on an old Galleon ship, that fires huge cannon balls that destroys most enemies in one hit.

Finally a leash-type weapon is shown which the player uses to rip a robot dinosaur apart in to a shower of blood and gore. Yes, you read that right. There's robot friggin' dinosaurs! And they shoot lasers!


"Shoot naked bird ladies!," he continues.


"MOAR EPIC MUSIC!!!!!!" Fork shouts, and the 'Requiem for a Dream' theme song plays, which is used in pretty much every YouTube video ever. We assume this is the joke.

"$$$$$$" says Parker, as the video shows the player blowing apart various enemies. That will work.

This is followed by a montage of death, with Fork saying "Bam!" every time an enemy gets shot. Then "Cue some violence", and we're shown a clip of the player being swarmed by screaming headless kamikazes. The headless kamikaze are great right up until they enter your vicinity.

We're treated to another montage of killing, this time with Fork Parker getting increasingly excited, shouting "Perfect!!!", "Yes!", "Uh-huh!", "OH F-ING F YES!", "YES!!!!!!!!!", "OMG IT TINGLES!!", "F€#^ING S*!T THIS ROOLZ".


In his excitement, Fork 'accidentally' includes a clip of the original Serious Sam: The Second Encounter. "Wrong game" he declares. A very cheeky plug there from Fork.

"No cover bitchez!" boasts Fork, amongst the chaos. Yep, there isn't a dedicated cover mechanic in this game, though it still helps to hop behind a wall on occasion when the enemies are attacking in too great a number.

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