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'Triple-A games might be going away,' says Bleszinski

Blockbusters could be too expensive to develop on next-gen consoles

Cliff Bleszinski reckons it's possible that we'll only see a few blockbuster releases each year once the next generation of consoles arrives.


Epic's design chief told our friends at OXM that the cost of developing major games on new hardware could prove too prohibitive for all but the biggest names in the industry.

"The six-to-eight hour triple-A game might be going away, maybe there's only three or four that come out a year, and those are the established brands," he said.

"The key is to bet on people who understand technology, but also understand creative and business. Too many games are made just because somebody says 'A bullfighting game sounds cool!' And you're like 'That would only play in Spain.'

"People just get these random things they want to make, and other people throw money at them without looking at the business," he added. "We need not only to be creative but also to be surgical in terms of the games we make."

Last month, Bleszinski told Edge that developers can still squeeze more out of Xbox 360 as the console enters its seventh year on the market.

A few weeks later, the same site also claimed to have learnt that Microsoft's as yet unannounced next-gen console is likely to launch in 2012.

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