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BF3 Back to Karkand DLC dated

Out next Tuesday on PS3, Xbox to follow shortly after

DICE has confirmed today that the 'Back to Karkand' DLC pack for Battlefield 3 will arrive on PS3 on December 6.


The announcement makes no mention of other formats, but considering DICE's previous confirmation that PS3 will get BF3 DLC exclusivity for a week, you can expect Xbox and PC versions to join the action on December 13.

The Back to Karkland expansion pack will offer four classic Battlefield maps - Strike at Karkand, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula, along with five new dog tags, five fresh achievements/trophies, three new vehicles (desert patrol vehicle, BTR-90 armoured personnel carrier, F-35B STOVL jet fighter) and ten iconic Battlefield weapons.

Here are the five just-revealed new trophies included in the DLC:

Complete Warrior (Silver)
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank

Third Tour (Bronze)
Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy, and STOVL fighter jet

Gunslinger (Bronze)
Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons

Like a Boss! (Silver)
Get a kill with the skid loader

Jaws (Bronze)
Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel