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Half-Life 3 logo spotted on "Valve employee" t-shirt

Is this a HL3/Episode 3 themed troll from Valve?

A t-shirt adorned with the iconic Half-Life logo and the number '3' has been spotted out in the wild. Approach with caution, trolls operate here.


The t-shirt was spotted by Chandana Ekanayak, art director and executive producer at Uber Entertainment - the studio behind Super Monday Night Combat - who posted a picture of it on Twitter along with this message:

"All I'm saying is I saw this at a local game developer event worn by a Valve employee"

Ekanayak used the hastag '#ValveTrolling', rightly pointing out this could be Valve fanning the flames of desire with some good old trolling.

Earlier this year voice actress Ellen McLain, who is the voice of Portal's GlaDOS, was linked with Half-Life 3 by her husband, who voices Team Fortress 2's Sniper.

A beta tester also leaked Valve's Dota 2 beta client, which was found to contain a folder called 'ep3' and resources for new weapons.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]