Vita's pricey memory cards address Sony security concerns

Platform holder says they'll do more than just save games

Sony has moved to explain the use of proprietary memory cards for PlayStation Vita.


SCE Division 2 software development head Muneki Shimada reportedly told Impress Watch (via Andriasang) that the firm opted to use its own storage solution rather than general memory cards because it wanted to ensure the same stable user experience for all Vita buyers.

He said the proprietary memory cards addressed security concerns Sony had, and that it would be incorrect to describe them merely as devices for saving games. Shimada referred to them as Vita "storage" which will also be used for patches, downloadable content and more.

External memory cards will be required for a number of Vita games, as not all titles can store saves internally.

Vita's memory cards haven't been well received by many consumers, mainly due to the cost. While UK pricing hasn't been announced, US retailer GameStop is offering a 4GB Vita memory card for $29.99 (£19), an 8GB one for $44.99 (£29), a 16GB one for $69.99 (£45) and a 32GB one for $119.99 (£77). Those prices are roughly in line with ones previously announced for Japan, when Sony detailed 16 PS Vita peripherals.

Vita will launch in the UK with at least 12 first-party games on February 22. It hits Japan on December 17.

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[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]