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CVG: Comments of the week

User generated amusement

It's that time for Comments of the Week again, and you know what that means: gags, puns and boob jokes.

You can't say you didn't see it coming.

Fighting games haven't changed enough - Team Ninja

Hayashi is right- the fighting game has started to sag a little, and this might be chest the ticket for perking it right back up again. Tits high time somebody started to say this sort of thing, innovation in beat-em-ups is nothing but a mammary, and a little bit of jiggly-pokery might be the breast thing to happen to the genre- I'm sure any new Dead or Alive will be bags of fun.


We think beemoh is making a load of boob puns. We can't tell.

Nice one. I'm glad you got that off your chest.

This one from Stan_Goodspeed is definitely a boob pun.

Gamers pepper sprayed and face-slammed on Black Friday

Terrible...Black Friday on Amazon was terrible, I thought It was supposed to have amazing deals?

I'm as shocked as you are

We agree, slick loose. Shocking.

Spend a day giving thanks for what you have, then trample people into the ground trying to get more stuff. IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!

RichPerry's got a point.

Modern Warfare 3's first map pack details rumoured

i had morning wood this morning

We think that's why it's called 'morning' wood, dicky1993

UK CHART: Modern Warfare 3 holds No.1 spot

I wish for the day when Just Dance finally falls off the charts. At least Zumba is gone...for now. *touches wood*

Not dicky1993's wood we hope, gmcb007

Kinect 2 will reportedly be able to lip read

What about a woman with serious camel toe, will it pick that up by mistake?

We're not sure, roynluc. We'll shoot Microsoft an email and ask them.

Dead Island finally banned in Germany

I'm surprised.

We said DON'T say you're surprised, sened9

C'mon Germany the game wasn't that terrible!

mogel94 is right. Come on Germany, ban games like Big Rigs instead.

PS3 firmware 4.0 detailed

Where the f**k is my pound sign? UK English language version, my a$$.

Somebody give Lady Gagagged the pound sign! Quick!

The Wright Stuff's back. 'Are games worse for kids than TV?'

I was going to give my long, detailed opinion on this subject but I just played an hour on my 360 and my brain fell out so I'll just call him a c**t instead.

That's usually the way, Spudfella.

I made a really funny Matthew Right joke earlier. I turned over when it finished (Don't worry, I wasn't watching. Just flicking through and happened to see the credits) when I found In The Night Garden, in which Makapaka and Igglepiggle where talking in gibberish. I said "Oh, I thought The right Stuff had finished already". Everybody laughed..

...You had to be there.

It sounds like an absolute riot at Cybermaster's house.

3DS tops year 1 American DS sales in 8 months

Good for Ninty, but that picture of Reggie makes him look f**king scary!

Agreed, mogel94. We put it in the articles in an attempt to conquer our fear.

^^ I quite agree..

Reggie's face looks like one of those small rubber faces you could get as a kid, you inserted three fingers into its rear and you could scrunch it up to make it look absurd..

Just imaging how much worse/better Reggie's face would look if you inserted three fingers into him.

Next time we see Reggie, razors edge, we're poking him in the face...