Wii U tech specs leaked via 'Japanese developer'

New rumours claim similar CPU specs to Xbox 360

New rumours have surfaced today surround the technical specifications of the new Wii U console.


While it's unlikely Nintendo will every reveal a detailed list of the machine's exact numbers, developers can sometimes be more willing and, according to a Wii U Daily report, one Japanese developer is already willing to share.

The site says its development source has revealed the Wii U will pack a quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, "very similar to the Xbox 360 chip".

It goes on to cite "768 MB of DRAM 'embedded' with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU (graphics card)", with an "unknown" ATI-based graphics processor also slotting in the box.

It goes on to claim that Nintendo is experimenting with two versions of the console - one with 768MB of RAM, and another with 1GB - presumably to assess the benefits of the increased memory versus the added cost.

Other recent rumours have claimed that Wii U will, despite Nintendo's prior announcements, be able to connect with multiple touch-screen tablet controllers.

[ SOURCE: Wii U Daily ]