Street Fighter X Tekken footage shows comical Toro/Kuro fight

Japanese PlayStation mascots duke it out

Ryu versus Kazuya won't be the only epic face-off taking place in Street Fighter X Tekken. It looks like Sony's PlayStation cats Toro and Kuro will also be going at it.


The below video shows a recent live demonstration of SFxT in China, during which Capcom showed the cutesy characters duking it out.

Toro and Kuro will be know to fans of import gaming as Sony Japan's PlayStation mascots, and it looks like they'll be turning up in the PS3 version of the game - in Japan at least.

Just for good measure, we've also got the just-released SFxT box art on this page, featuring that epic image of Ryu about to clash with Kazuya.

It won't be sitting on shelves looking all awesome until March, but what a historic image for the fighting game genre.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]