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Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Where dreams don't always come true

We can just picture the scene. Mum: "Hey little Jimmy, we're going to Disneyland." Jimmy: "Yaaaaaaay!" Mum: "...on Kinect in our living room!" Jimmy: "I want an emancipation."

Okay, maybe that's a little far fetched (after all, what small child knows what 'emancipation' means?) but our stony outlook is valid. The thrill of Disneyland is being at Disneyland. Otherwise we may as well watch other people's holiday videos on YouTube instead of experiencing things for ourselves.

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Shoving that aside for one moment, Kinect: Disneyland Adventures starts off well enough. Even on a chilly, dark, winter's evening it was impossible not to feel wrapped up in the magic of Disney when strolling around the park and meeting all the characters.

The world's as vibrant and buzzing as the resort it's based upon, and a tremendous amount of work has gone into bringing the attractions to life by way of crazy adventures - when you ride on Big Thunder Mountain you'll actually be racing along rickety mountainside tracks and running along the top of a ghost train while collecting pick-ups.

If only the tech matched the ambition. There's a lot of chugging and screen-tearing in the park, and on a couple of occasions the characters we were speaking to just clean vanished due to a bug.

Movement and navigation are too cumbersome to be called effective, and as creative as the ride adventures may be, considerable input lag prevents any of them from shining.

In fact, we spent more time bumping into obstacles than we did dodging - and still got top marks. We like the idea, but this could have been much better with a pad...

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The verdict

Love's been poured into this, but the many frustrations will yank kids out of the fantasy

Xbox 360
Frontier Developments