Deus Ex: Augmentations we want

Tell us what augs you'd outfit yourself with

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has opened up our feeble human minds to the idea of augmentation once again.

Yes we know all about all the drug dependancy and expense business, but we still want to kit outselves out head to toe in cybernetic augmentations, they're the future don't you know.

Here's a few of the the implants we think would make modern life less fair - and fun!

Infinite Bladder

Corp. Corp., £79,500


The 100% robo-tanium Pissheiser Squeezebag3 stores unlimited urine by processing it into dry pellets, jettisoned at 46 metres per second from the knees, allowing the yellowy filth to clear the area.


Nippon Industries, £POA


Ghost into celebrity homes! Steal a great deal of money! Eavesdrop high-level meetings and sell the secrets! Poke people you don't like and get away with it! Also, use your power for good or something.

Age-gate Hacking

Nippon Industries, £146.99


Don't waste time clicking tiny drop down menus to pretend you were born on 1st Jan 1912 for a Skyrim trailer. The Pffft-whatevvvver aug lets you blow a raspberry to hack otherwise secure internet Age Gates.

Health Recharge

LifePlus, £1.3m


Fallen from a fourth-storey window? Jagged femurs sticking from your pockets with vital organs balanced on top? Just stand still a bit without getting shot, or falling off anything else, and you'll soon be just fine.

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