Asura's Wrath: The craziest game of 2012?

Six reason why we thinks so...

Have you seen the trailer for Capcom's upcoming beat-em-up Asura's Wrath? It's mental, there's a guy who stabs a planet with a giant sword. Seriously, puts the blade right through a planet.

We conducted a quick poll around the office and it seems we're all in agreement, Asura's Wrath is the craziest game we've seen in a long time. We've put together a list of six reasons for why we think the CyberConnect2 developed title could be the most off-the-rails game of 2012.

Here they are.


You can never rest in Asura's Wrath. During cutscenes, quick-time events suddenly show up, and since hitting them boosts your ranking it's worth staying on your toes.



Asura is the angriest man in videogames. Even angrier than Max Payne and Kratos combined. After his wife and family are killed and he's framed for the murder, he goes on a rampage of revenge. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes, often sprouting extra arms for deadlier melee attacks.



Occasionally the game will go from a third-person brawler, to a bizarre on-rails shooter. Asura speeds through the level and you move him around with the left stick. The shooting mechanics are similar to Rez. hold the fire button down and you can 'chain' shots together to take out multiple targets at once. One minute you'll be fighting in ancient temples, the next you're in space. The game mixes imagery from Eastern religions like Buddhism with Star Wars-influenced sci-fi.



If you thought God of War's bosses were on the rather huge size, the big bads in Asura's Wrath will make you soil yourself. They're bigger than the entire world, one even pokes his finger through the atmosphere to try and crush Asura in a particularly epic set-piece. Madness, pure madness.



At one point in the game, Asura's robotic arms are ripped off. He doesn't let that get in the way of his revenge, though. You can still fight, using your legs to counter enemy attacks and snap their necks.



During combat with bigger enemies, Asura will occasionally leap on top of them and start hammering away at their face with his arms (or legs). You tap the button to help him hit harder.

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