Vita allows only one PSN account per console

No other region accounts or sharing with others, then

The new PS Vita will only allow users to sign into a single PSN account on one console.


Word comes from a Q&A published on an official Sony pamphlet handed out at a recent public Vita event in Osaka, Japan.

According to NeoGAF translations, the document stipulates Vita users can use "only 1 account". It adds: "If you want to use a different account, you need to format the system to factory settings."

First reaction? That sucks. If you're not the only person to be using the Vita you're going to have fights over save game profiles unless developers promptly react to this news and incorporate save file systems within their games.

But it's also a clever move by Sony. First off it stops people making multiple accounts registered to foreign addresses, as commonly done on PS3 to gain access to content from other region PS Stores.

More crucially it gets over the issue of PSN game sharing, in which players would offer their PSN account login details to friends so they can download and play games without needing to purchase them.

Since PSV's games will all be available via PSN, this is even more crucial on the handheld.

Sony has recently cracked down on such activities on PS3 with a recent change in its Ts&Cs that reduces the number of devices on which any one purchase can be downloaded from five to two.

[ SOURCE: Via Industry Gamers ]