Rayman creator: 'I don't really enjoy Mario'

Michel Ancel not a fan of Nintendo's mascot

Mario is such a prominent figure in video games that it's almost considered mandatory to love his games. But not everyone does.


Ancel was asked during an interview with Gamasutra recently how much the brilliant Rayman Origins drew inspiration from Mario. "As far as I'm concerned, not at all," he said surprisingly.

"I will tell you something terrible," added Ancel. "I don't really enjoy playing Mario games. I don't like gliding, I don't like its inertia, and I don't like not being able to give some slaps! It's a fabulous series, and I understand that people love it, but it's not my cup of tea."

He went on: "I used to prefer Ghosts n' Goblins, Heart of Darkness, Another World -- games with a focus on the narrative side. Beyond that, I find Mario's controls very interesting, but I don't buy it. I can't help but seeing the ropes of the game, even if it works. The game is thrilling, obviously."

Obvious not everyone will love Mario, but it is surprising to hear that from a big shot developer who, more ironically, created a cartoony platform series himself that would appear to draw so many influences from Nintendo's work.

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[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]