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'Very exciting' THQ title to be announced this month

Could Turtle Rock's new game be unveiled this weekend?

THQ core games boss Danny Bilson is set to announce what he's dubbed a "very exciting" new game this month, with the smart money being on a reveal at the VGAs on Saturday.


The exec told AusGamers the new title will be out at some point next year.

"We actually have a game we haven't announced yet and I can't announce tonight - but we will be around December - that'll be coming out next year that is also very exciting," he said.

We're hoping it'll be the new game that Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock is working on, which Bilson said earlier this year was "the coolest design I've ever seen in my life... really innovative".

Guilliemero Del Toro and Volition's horror game, inSane, was also teased to be making an appearance at the VGAs this week after being announced at last year's awards show.

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[ SOURCE: AusGamers ]