South Park RPG will be 'full of swearing and dying children'

"We're not exactly sure how the ESRB is going to react," says developer Obsidian

The recently announced South Park RPG won't stray away from any of the controversial content that has made the show so popular for over a decade, according to Feargus Urquhart, CEO of developer Obsidian.


"The first thing is this needs to be South Park, it needs to be outrageous, it needs to have crazy crap in it, it needs a lot of swearing, it needs a lot of children dying. Things that happen are just crazy," he told Game Informer.

So is Urquhart concerned what US ratings body ESRB will think of the game?

"I'll be honest, we're not exactly sure how the ESRB is going to react to a lot of these things. The first thing is we're not going to worry about it. The first thing is this needs to be South Park," he said.

"If we have problems, then we'll deal with them. The goal is, let's not restrict ourselves right now. Let's make it South Park, make it nuts, then, as they say, cross that bridge when we come to it."

Urquhart went on to say that South Park initially contacted the studio about the prospect of making a game.

"We were actually contacted directly by South Park. Normally that's not how it works. Usually a publisher calls us and says 'Hey, we have a license, we want you to make a game.' This time it was the license holders themselves.

"South Park as a license is kind of an interesting thing because normally when we're working with a license it's sort of 'Here are a bunch of books, here are some films, here are some ideas, here's a book that tells you what's right, what's wrong when it comes to licensing.'

"With South Park it's very different because it's Matt and Trey. It is Crispy, who was the art director on the show for ten years. It's talking to the guys that actually do it and still do it every day. I mean, they're still making the show after 15 years.

"I think it's going to make it really interesting for us making a South Park game - it's not a re-imagining of stuff that already exists... it's like this is yet another extension to everything that is South Park because it's coming directly from Matt and Trey."

[ SOURCE: Game Informer ]