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Resistance 3 Brutality Pack DLC out this week

"The point of the DLC is to survive"

Insomniac will launch a new Resistance 3 DLC offering called the Brutality Pack this week.


According to G4TV, the Brutality Pack will feature a new mode, a new weapon and a soundtrack from the metal band Mastodon.

"The point of the DLC is to survive, essentially; to survive against this ongoing onslaught of Grims," said Insomniac boss Ted Price.

"We set it in Wales," he added. "But we've made it a little bit darker than what you'll see in the multiplayer version of Wales."

Resistance is also coming to new Sony handheld Vita in the form of Resistance: Burning Skies, which places a heavy emphasis on the system's twin analogue sticks in the hope of replicating a full-fat console FPS experience. Check out footage of it in action here.