Battlefield 3 PC Server Browsers gets 'super charged' update

New options and improvements make getting to battle easier

DICE has made a number of 'super charged' improvements to the Server Browser for Battlefield 3 on PC.


New features include the reintroduction of server queuing, new browser options, country filters and more.

Ironically, this news comes as PS3 gamers find their Server Browser isn't playing nice with the just-released Back to Karkand DLC.

Anyway, here's the full list:

Server Queue
Last week we silently enabled the server queue again. Joining the server your friends are at is easy! If the server is full, you will simply be put in the queue and automatically joined when a slot becomes available.

Improved Server Browser
The server browser has been equipped with more search options. Such as kill cam, friendly fire and 3D spotting to name a few. We aim to continuously improve it and we're determined to bring you the most powerful server browser ever seen.

Easier server joining with party
Joining servers with your party has been improved. Instead of setting up your party prior to doing a party join you can now connect asynchronously, without waiting for your friends to ready up.

Country filter
The server browser has also been equipped with the capability of searching for servers by country. This is incredibly useful for those eager to play with perhaps other countrymen or just want to enjoy playing on a server from your favorite country.

Share Battle Reports
You can now share your favorite Battle Reports with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use the share tab at top right of your report. Shared Battle Reports previously required a Battlelog account to be viewed but this limitation is no more.

New icons for navigation
If you look at the new top header you'll see a new set of icons, providing quick links to various popular sections on the site. Having easy access to your dog tags and stats is always a good thing!

Cool, DICE. Now all that's left is to replace the entire rubbish web browser menu system with some proper in-game menus like the console versions... and every other game in history. Thanks.

[ SOURCE: Battlefield Blog ]