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New Tony Hawk game to debut at VGAs

World waits with bated breath

World-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk has revealed he be will announcing a new game on Saturday at Spike's Video Game Awards.


"I'll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same day as the Spike Video Game Awards. Coincidence? I think not," he posted on Twitter.

We're trying really hard to muster some excitement, closing our eyes real tight and thinking back to the halcyon days of Pro Skater, but our memories have been desecrated by more recent entries in the franchise.

The last game to be released was Tony Hawk: Shred, which used the ill-concieved skateboard peripheral that debuted with Tony Hawk: Ride, and was a critical and sales flop.

We'll try and keep an open mind though.

Epic Games and BioWare will be showing off their new project, and 'a PS3 exclusive you won't believe' will also be announced.

It's like a mini-E3.