3DS firmware update out, adds Nintendo Achievements

3D video recording and new StreetPass content included

Nintendo's finally released its long-delayed latest November 3DS firmware update, which adds functionality for, among other things, up to ten minutes of 3D video recording.


The firmware also introduces the ability to purchase in-game DLC and bolsters the handheld's StreetPass offerings, adding new puzzles to Puzzle Swap in StreetPass Mii Plaza, a new dungeon to StreetPass Quest and new hats.

More surprising is the addition of 'Accomplishments', Nintendo's answer to Achievements and Trophies.

Giant Bomb reports that so far the 3DS Accomplishments are limited to just the StreetPass Mii Plaza ('meet Mii characters from ten countries', 'recieve a personal greeting') but it's not hard to imagine them spreading in to actual games (and Virtual Console) eventually.

Other new camera features in the firmware update include stop motion filming, which has users taking snapshots at intervals before merging each frame into a full motion video.

The update also sees the addition of 3DS game demos and the ability to download titles from the eShop in sleep mode, plus - finally - the option to transfer content between Nintendo 3DS systems.

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Laurent Fischer, MD marketing & PR at Nintendo of Europe, said:

"We are always striving to enhance the features and functions of the Nintendo 3DS to bring new fun experiences to our fans and this upcoming System Update brings some of the most exciting updates yet."