Vita CAN support multiple PSN accounts - Sony clarifies

But each PSN account will be tied to a single memory card

Sony has confirmed that Vita users will NOT be restricted to a single PSN account per console, as reports last week suggested.


"Your PSN ID is bonded to your memory card," not the console, Sony associate brand marketing manager Crystal MacKenzie told Wired.This means that if multiple users intend to use the same Vita they simply each need to have their own memory card containing their PSN account and all its data. Swap out the memory card in the machine and off you go.

Users will be able to swap PSN accounts on a single memory card, but that would require the more laborious factory reset reported last week. Not ideal.

You will also be able to spread a single PSN account over multiple memory cards, should your account require more data space.

That you may need to fork out for multiple of those pricy Vita memory cards to support all the gamers in your household isn't the best news, but it's certainly much better than Vita supporting just a single PSN account.

Consider us relieved.

[ SOURCE: Wired ]