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Take-Two 'skeptical' of subscription services like CoD Elite

Developer not interested in mimicking Activision's Elite, says boss Strauss Zelnick

Take-Two has enormously successful IPs under its belt, but it's not interested in trying to attach subscription-based services to them like Activision's Call of Duty Elite.


So said Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick at the recent UBS Media and Communications Conference. "I can't tell whether it's relevant yet. I'm kind of skeptical, frankly," he told attendees when quizzed in the topic.

"I suspect that we want a different experience on our big screen than we do on our middle-sized screen than we do on our mobile screen, because I think we use them at different times and they mean different things. I do think an intellectual property can thread through, but only if it is really high quality," he went on.

Zelnick also further differentiated Take-Two from Activision's treatment of its big franchises in talking down the concept of releasing annual sequels.

"If you start trying to stamp these products out annually, we don't think that's consistent with a high-quality result," he said. "If you give consumers something every year like clockwork, even if it's fantastic, there's a high chance they're going to get tired of it."

People don't appear to have grown tired of Call of Duty yet, which is now on its eighth entry in the series. But how long will its success last?

[ SOURCE: Gamespot ]