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The Elder Scrolls 6: What we want to see

This is OUR list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Yeah, yeah, simmer down now. We're expecting you readers to give us a good kicking for even suggesting this but hear us out.

Firstly, competitive multiplayer is definitely out of the question. We have no desire to see this any more than you do, but we reckon co-op could have the potential to be fun. Obviously it shouldn't be forced, but the option for a co-operative experience would be nice, especially if it meant we could get up to mischief with friends doing guild quests.

Many players of Skyrim end up sharing their stories with friends or telling them about a hilarious glitch they've found, why not let them share those moments? Let them go on quests together, let them slay dragons together, let them put buckets over NPCs heads and loot their houses together.


The players wouldn't even have to stay together if they didn't want to. We imagine it to be much like the co-op found in Saints Row; two players are dropped into the world and they can both go off and do what they want. In fact, it could be more interesting to be travelling the world and see the things that have happened as a result of your co-op partners' actions. Perhaps play a game of 'who can take over Skryim first', or the most epic game of hide-and-seek ever.

Co-op doesn't have to detract from the game, or take anything way from those who still love a single-player experience. It's just an option there for the gamers who love deep, immense RPGs but also like to game with friends. Nothing else out there offers the experience that we imagine players could get out of Elder Scrolls co-op, so we think it would be a worthy addition to the series.

Besides, Bethesda have said that multiplayer is one of the most requested features from the fans. So we're not alone. Put away the pitchforks now.

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