The Elder Scrolls 6: What we want to see

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Bug test it

We understand that the Elder Scrolls games are typically massive and that hunting down and ousting every singe bug would be near impossible, but we would appreciate it if Bethesda actually put some effort in to testing and bug fixing before they released the game, rather than after.

The developer is notorious for releasing buggy games, but Skyrim is something special. I mean, you only have to take a look at the 'Bugs and Glitches' page on the Skyrim wiki to see that. It's huge.


It's well known that many PS3 users are suffering from frame-rate issues due to the size of save files. This couldn't have gone unnoticed during development, and if it did then Bethesda need to hire a new QA team. Even 'patches' brought out introduce new bugs such as backwards-flying dragons.

Maybe that's a testament to how good Bethesda games are when you look past the glitches, but it's just a shame that we do have to look past the glitches in the first place. In future, make sure your QA testers are actually getting on with their work instead of doing speed runs, eh Bethesda?

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