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Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS review - 91% in Games Master

"A spectacular return to form" claims first Resident Evil: Revelations review

Games Master has delievered its six-page Resident Evil: Revelations review, awarding the latest in the horror franchise a 91% score and calling it "One of the scariest games ever committed to handheld."


The Resident Evil series has been going through a bit of a rough spell recently. In its efforts to replicate the runaway success of Resident Evil 4, Capcom released an ultimately unspectacular sequel - Resident Evil 5 - in 2009.

The Japanese developer is aiming to shoot, stab and stomp its way out of the funk with Nintendo 3DS title Resident Evil: Revelations, and if GM's review is any indication it's managed to pull it off.

The review opens by showering praise on the episodec delivery of its narrative, which it describes as "an effective delivery system" that "plays perfectly into the 3DS's strength." According to the review the game's "chapters have been designed to be picked up or put down at a moment's notice".

The game's setting is described as "one large, expanding environment" that gives fans of exploration plenty of incentive to wander around: "Revisiting old locations with discovered keys will unlock new areas".

GM goes on to point out that Revelations "deeply respects its heritage. IF Resi fans felt alienated by 5, then this is the game to convince them that the series is back to its best."

The review concludes by boldly stating Resident Evil: Revelations is "a better sequel to Resi 4 than 5 ever managed to be, and it's a clear sign that Nintendo and Capcom are committed to keeping the core series alive and kicking."

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